Hexham Area Plant Consultations

Tailored advice on caring for your houseplants.


Did you know I offer a consultation service in the Hexham area. I can advise you on:

* Where to place your plants

* How often to water them

* How often to feed them

* How often they need repotting and what mix to use

* General care tips

* Recommendations on new plants to suit your home, time and budget.

A 30 minute consultation which covers 5-6 plants is priced at £20. You are welcome to take notes or I can send a recording if it's virtual. If you would like printed care notes it's 

An hour consultation covering 10-12 plants is £35.

You can take notes or I can send the recording if it's virtual. If you would like care notes it's an extra £15.

Additional travel costs apply if you live outside of Hexham.

"Julie gave me lots of information on each of my houseplants, so now I know not only how to keep them alive but also how to make them thrive in the correct places in my house!"

A. Baty

rhapidophora tetrasperma.jpg