Syngonium 'Trileaf Wonder' in a ceramic pot with handmade care label

Syngonium 'Trileaf Wonder' in a ceramic pot with handmade care label

This unusual Syngonium variety has funky foliage that starts out light green and as it mature divides into three lobes and becomes a glossy, dark green. Hence the name, Trileaf Wonder! Can be easily trained to grow up or hang down.


An excellent air purifier this native of the South American rainforests will grow just fine with low-medium light but its ideal is a bright room out of direct sunlight.


It's fairly undemanding when it comes to watering, let the top inch or two dry out first. Handily its leaves will droop if it needs watering but quickly perk up once watered just don't let the soil dry completely.


It will grow happily without extra warmth and humidity but to really thrive give it both. Ideal for a steamy bathroom or kitchen or you could place a container of moistened pebbles under the pot or mist regularly.


Feed fortnightly from spring to autumn and dust leaves with a damp cloth to help it photosynthesize.


Toxic if eaten.


It will grow to around 80cms. Current height about 45cms x 60cms wide.  Comes in aceramic pot of your choice with a detailed handmade care label. If you would like it in a plastic hanging pot (see photo) it would be £16.50.


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