This exotic rainforest plant is not actually part of the monstera family but is often mistaken for it because of it's split leaves. Originates from the Southern Thailand and Malaysian rainforests so will love a humid bathroom or kitchen or group it with other plants.
Prefers medium to bright light but not in direct sunlight.It can tolerate shade but will grow slower and new leaves may be smaller. Likes moist soil but not soggy. Allow the top inch to dry out between waterings during spring and summer. Autumn/winter reduce watering and allow top 2 inches to dry. 
Current height: 25cms. Can grow to 1.5 metres but can prune to the height you want and up a trellis, mosspole or other plant. Comes in a coco pot if you'd like it in a ceramic pot get in touch.

Philodendron minima 'Mini Monstera' in coco pot with handmade care label