What is bright indirect light? How to find the perfect spot for your houseplant.

Plants get most of the energy they need to grow, thrive, and stay alive from sunlight.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to understand

what some of the lighting terms actually mean and where the best place is to put your houseplant! Probably the most confusing term that I get asked about regularly is 'bright indirect light'. So what does it actually mean?

What is a bright (indirect sun) location?

When the plant is in a bright light-filled room but the sun’s rays are not directly hitting it. However, depending on the intensity of the light some direct morning sun for a few (less than 4) hours can be ok. Morning sun is cooler than afternoon sun, so you don't have to worry about your plants leaves being scorched or it wilting in strong sun.

Examples of where to place your plant for bright indirect light:

  • Within 3-5 feet of a south or west facing window out of the suns direct rays.

  • On or near (within 2 feet) of an east facing windowsill.

  • On or near a bright windowsill where light is shining through a net curtain or frosted glass.

Other examples of lighting terms and where put your plant are as follows:

Direct sun locations:

  • On or within 2 feet of a south or west facing windowsill.

  • A conservatory

Partially shaded (low light) locations:

  • An east facing window where the morning sun shines into the room for only a few hours.

  • Directly in front of a north facing window gives a plant low to medium light intensity.

  • At least 4-5 feet away from a window that faces south or west.

Shady locations:

  • More than 6 feet away