A Green Approach

Hi, I'm Julie a plantswoman on a mission to help people green their indoor spaces and learn how to best care for their plants so they can reap the many benefits that being a plant parent can bring!

Many of the plants I grow myself in Hexham. I use good quality peat free compost and take a plastic free approach. Using upcycled ceramic pots and making my own sustainable care labels is integral to the way I work. I always give detailed care instructions as I feel you usually never get enough information when you buy a plant.

There has been much scientific research into the positive effects of houseplants. As well as improving our general health and wellbeing, studies have shown they can reduce stress, increase productivity and purify the air by removing harmful toxins found in furniture, floor coverings, cleaning products and office equipment.

(NASA Clean Air Study)

I hope that you will enjoy your plants and all the benefits they’ll bring.